This yoga class focuses on alignment and conditioning as well as linking your body with your breath to maximize your bodies work potential, decrease stress and improve focus. Taking your body through every plane of motion with stability and control strengthens, as well as increases flexibility. Linking your body with its breath improves lung capacity, circulation, metabolism and body awareness. With the focus being on your body’s natural alignment and flexibility a byproduct this practice will benefit all fitness levels. Increases in strength and flexibility prevent injury and improve quality of life.

The word Yoga translates to mean “union”. In your yoga practice one learns to connect the mind and body through breathe. This focus not only releases the mind of stress but also creates a number health benefits. Improves flexibility, helps strengthens muscles and lowers blood pressure. With all the stress of the world ­ stress from the environment, the lack of nutrition in our food and over all fast pace ­ practice yoga to get centered and be well.

You will find various types of yoga offered at your community exercise studio. The Hatha Yoga method is the one you’ll mainly find offered. Hatha yoga combines exercise sequences (poses or “asanas”) with breathing and then relaxation at the end (known as “savasanas”).

Iyengar is another highly effective yoga method. Iyengar yoga was created by Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar. This method is very precise in the exercises (poses). Rarely are any of the exercises completed without a yoga prop. Mr. Iyengar, like Joseph Pilates, taught perfect alignment in every pose.

Vinyasa yoga is known as flow yoga. Vinyasa, or defined as movement combined with breathe, is popular with those who are looking to add some intensity into their yoga practice. Also popular in the dance world since the class is typically choreographed moving from one pose to another.

Bikram yoga, also names after the founder, is a heated yoga method. The room is heated any where from 80 to 110 degrees. Each and every class is specific in it’s format with the same poses. The exercises are advanced. Because of the temperature of the room the body is warmed up and able to be more receptive of these poses. However, those with heart conditions and/or high blood pressure should consult a physician prior to attending a Bikram Yoga class.